September 12, 2005

What inspired me to start my business?

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This morning I shared this story during the International Virtual Women’s Chamber of Commerce open house and thought I would share it here too.

While taking a pre-employment program for people with disabilities, the instructors were scrambling to keep busy. One day the computer instructor introduced me to basic HTML. I gobbled it up! I soon realized that, although I grew up in silence, I now had a way to communicate with the world. That realization was so exciting, so liberating!


June 9, 2005

Blogging: The Newest Job Search Tool?

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Being brand new to blogging, I have started doing some research on what this is really all about. I came across an article in CareerJournal.com on corporate bloggers. Companies are hiring bloggers to write web logs (blogs) in a conversational style to appeal to customers, clients and potential recruits. According to this article, corporate bloggers can make $40,000-$70,000.

HELLO! You have my attention now! Writing in a natural tone and inviting readers to post comments for 40-70K is definitely something I CAN do! Where do I send my resume?

But seriously, as I do more reading on blogging, I am beginning to realize the enormous potential and benefits of blogging. Heather Hamilton, who is a staffing programs manager for marketing and finance at Microsoft, uses her blog to write about what it is like to work at the company, jobs she is filling and hiring trends. Heeather’s blog is one of about 1,500 blogs written by Microsoft employees.

For individuals in the midst of career exploration or job search, these blogs could be potentially valuable sources of information – information that isn’t found on the corporate websites. There are even recruiting blogs that may provide a great wealth of information to job seekers and career practitioners.

From here, I can see articles and workshops springing up on how to use blogging effectively in your jobsearch. Not knowing the pitfalls of online networking can lead to ineffective results.

Diane Darling, president of Effective Networking Inc., a Boston consulting firm that teaches clients the value of networking.… said job-seekers should be aware that social networking can create a false sense of intimacy. For example, when she placed a note on the online bulletin board craigslist.com indicating that she was looking for a bookkeeper, she received some unusual responses from people who didn’t seem to understand that they were connecting with a potential employer.
One job applicant said: ”This job is perfect for me because I just had a child.” Another said she was very organized to ”the point of having obsessive compulsive disorder” — information most people wouldn’t divulge in an interview. (From the Boston Globe’s “Job sites stress ‘insider’ angle”)

I am keen on reading more about this latest phenomenon and seeing where it leads me. Who knows, maybe there is a way to get paid for this after all!

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